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The Personal Touch


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The Personal Touch

There was an interesting post yesterday over at the Church of the Customer blog. The blog author made a purchase at a retail J. Crew store last year and she just recently received a handwritten card from the clerk who served her nearly a year ago. The card referenced the upcoming football season and noted that she remembered the author was a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. A $10 gift card was included.

This is pretty impressive customer service from an $800 million company. It always amazes me that more companies don't do this sort of thing - it really isn't that difficult. And in today's high tech world a hand written thank you card has more impact than ever before. The irony is that with today's computer systems we know more about our customers than ever before, but rarely do companies get truly personal with their customers.

We have been using thank you cards for some time here at Lightning Labels. Even though we have some of the most advanced label printing equipment money can buy, we still like to keep a personal touch with our customers. After all, business is really about relationships between people.