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The Label Printing Color Challenge


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The Label Printing Color Challenge

Color is one of the biggest issues facing anyone in the printing industry these days. Reproducing the expected color can be very challenging. If you have an ink-jet and a laser printer (or even two different ink-jet printers) you will see a marked difference in color between each one when you print the same file. Every printer uses different technology to try and approximate real world color, which partly explains these large color variations.

Here at Lightning Labels we do have a bit of an advantage over traditional label printers when it comes to color. Because we use a digital label press, we can give you what is called a "hard copy proof" of your label. This is a printout of your label on the actual label material you have ordered - it is exactly the same as your finished labels except that it is not die-cut. So you can see the color, texture and brightness of your labels before we run your job. Traditional label printers can only give you an approximation of what your labels will look like.

If you don't want to be surprised about the color of your labels, be sure to request one of our hard copy proofs - you get one free of charge with every label job at Lightning Labels. There are such vast differences in color between laser printers, ink-jet printers and commercial printing presses that you may well be disappointed if you expect the color from your home or office printer to be the same as the final color of your finished labels. We want you to love your labels, so get the hard copy proof and you will know exactly what to expect.