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The Emotional Appeal of Labels


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The Emotional Appeal of Labels

Labels aren't just a piece of marketing — for some consumers, they can act as much more, giving them a means to escape their everyday lives.

One Florida resident has a collection of more than 300 rare crate labels from various orange companies that have come and gone over the past decades. Industry experts told that these labels helped transform the state from a backwater location with sweltering heat and bothersome insects into a vacation destination.

"Imagine some guy, knee-deep in snow at 2 a.m. at a New York auction," said Jim Ellis, a crate label collector and industry historian. "He looks up at all these crates lined up in the warehouse, with pictures of bathing girls and sunshine, and he couldn't wait to come here."

While many of these fruit growers are no longer in business, modern-day manufacturers can still learn a lesson from their design philosophy. Labels should be used to convey basic nutrition facts and ingredient information, but they need something more than that - something that will transform how consumers think about products.