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Top 10 Wine Packaging & Labeling Ideas


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Top 10 Wine Packaging & Labeling Ideas

Unless you spend a lot of time reading Wine Enthusiast Magazine, you may not know exactly what you're looking for when you need to make a wine purchase. If this is you, you are in good company. A  lot of casual wine drinkers are choosing wines based on the packaging design.

Labeling and packaging designers are, of course, keyed in to this common conundrum and are addressing it with unique wine packaging such as eye-catching wine labels. This makes choosing a wine not so much a chore as a foray into fun. We have put together a top ten list of the most unique packaging and labeling options we've run across recently. Whether you are a veteran packaging designer seeking fresh inspiration, or are a little nervous about choosing a bottle of wine for a dinner party, we think you'll enjoy learning about these fun trends:

wine labels

1. Reuse, Recycle and Refurbish: This greenie labeling concept appeals to environmentalists and crafters alike. Each bottle includes a hang-tag with instructions for re-purposing the wine bottle after the goods are gone. Using taper candles, you can turn your empty wine bottles into Italian-style mood lighting.

2. Fine Wine Art: If only Andy Warhol were around to see it. One of the hottest winery trends on tap is commissioning contemporary art for the wine label. If the best sellers are any indication, bold colors and cartoon-like, bustling scenes have proven to garner the most attention.

3. Custom Made Labels: Custom made labels give a bottle a traditional, hand-crafted appeal that lends the wine an aura of intimacy. From house-labeled wine at your favorite eating establishment to labeling your own hobby vintages, custom made labels personalize the wine experience.

4. Interactive Labeling: A variation on the custom made theme, some wine producers offer interactive labeling that invite imbibers to have fun while sipping. One company packages a variety of facial stickers -- nose, eyes, mouth -- that turns the bottle into a veritable Mr. Potato Head toy.

5. Glass in Hand: Some clever marketers have hatched the notion of "bottling" wine in individual wine glasses, labeled and sealed, as both a convenience and a party novelty. These ready-made single servings make it easy for those friends who insist, "just one glass."

6. Aluminum Bottles: A good bet to stand out on shelves otherwise stocked with glass, aluminum bottles may raise the cost of your purchase, but they make great conversation-starters at your next get-together. Think elongated water bottle for post-workout reveling.

7. Series Wine Labels: Some vintners are selling a single wine with a selection of labels so purchasers can customize their sipping experiences. For example, you could buy the entire Seven Deadly Sins series or simply select your all-time favorites.

8. Back to Basics: Wine shoppers who are purists may react to all of the vibrant labels vying for attention on the wine display rack by seeking out basic no-frills bottles. Black and white labels with the wine identified by a barrel number instead of a more colorful moniker presents a classic look for the bottle.

9. Theme Labeling: For you gift-basket mavens, wine package designers curry your favor with attractive theme labeling. Packing a basket for an angler? Include a bottle with a sockeye salmon on the label.

10. Specially Shaped Bottles: Especially around the holidays, many wineries release their favorite vintages in specially-shaped bottling. For example, a blue moon-shaped bottle is guaranteed to claim any wine shopper's full attention.