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Tedesco Shoppers Question New Allergy Warnings on Product Stickers


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Tedesco Shoppers Question New Allergy Warnings on Product Stickers

Tesco Confuses Shoppers With Warnings on Product Stickers British grocery store Tesco recently added nut allergy warning labels to many different product stickers. The store printed warnings about nut allergies for products ranging from potatoes to tonic water, Daily Mail reported. Because of the confusing nature of the custom food labels, thousands of consumers signed a petition for the grocery chain to have the warnings removed unless the products posed a real threat. A spokesman from the company apologized for the confusion and said that when the stores' packaging practices changed, a number of products may have been mislabeled.

Accurate Food Product Labels Vital For Allergy Sufferers Where there is risk of cross contamination, Tesco includes nut allergy warnings on food product labels. While the store claims the labels were updated to comply with upcoming changes to EU law that will start being enforced in December, the revisions may have occurred too quickly for the public's comfort. A spokesman said the company is currently reviewing the process by which the store labels items with the "may contain nuts" statement, the Guardian reported. Because nut allergies can be very serious and potentially fatal, many customers are looking for clarification on why some foods have suddenly been identified as potentially unsafe.