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Tech Firm Plans Electrifying Label Innovations


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Tech Firm Plans Electrifying Label Innovations

British technology firm Innovia Films has developed an innovative new label type it believes will benefit food and beverage packaging, FoodProductionDaily reports.

Innovia has successfully integrated printed electronic functionality onto biaxially oriented polypropylene label substrates. There are a few other companies working on similar electronic labels, but the firm believes this marks a first for printable electronics within the food and beverage sector.

The new label could provide both functional and aesthetic uses. For example, brands could include a touch-sensitive button that displays subsequent product information, or they could simply use flashing lights or illuminated logos to attract more attention from shoppers.

The first run of labels was printed for bottles and features sequential flashing lights that are activated upon touch.

Brands are always looking for new and interesting ways to stand out from competitors and electronic labels may just be one way to do so. Gaining the edge is crucial, especially given the current economic situation — consumers are becoming less loyal to brands, and companies may be able to generate more exposure by making themselves stand out.