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Tanimura & Antle Look to Capture Hearts with New Label


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Tanimura & Antle Look to Capture Hearts with New Label

Lettuce producer Tanimura & Antle showed off both a new product and fresh labels at the recent Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit.

The new product is Artisan Boston, a Boston-style lettuce that will have a longer-than-average shelf life. This was achieved through innovations in clamshell packaging and seed growing.

All three leafy green varieties — Artisan Lettuce, Artisan Romaine and Artisan Boston — will also be receiving a label makeover. The new packaging was designed to help consumers differentiate recognize the various products by giving them a cohesive look.

"That's so we can look like a family on the shelf," Diana McClean, director of marketing at Tanimura & Antle, told ThePacker. "Now that we've got a full family of products, we're trying to make the packaging look like it all relates so we can be a line of produce in the produce aisle."

For many food brands, the label is a crucial branding element. A strong label design can help them catch the eye of customers as they walk down grocery aisles.