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Tamper-Proof Label is Perfect Medicine to Combat Fake Drugs


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Tamper-Proof Label is Perfect Medicine to Combat Fake Drugs

In an effort to curb counterfeit drug sales, Schreiner MediPharm has developed a new label that clearly indicates when a product has been unsealed.

As PackagingEurope notes, crooks can collect used containers and restock them with a counterfeit product, which could then be sold to unknowing customers. The new Pharma-Comb label, however, clearly indicates when a vial has been opened, which should curb the sales of fake medications. The company asserts the new label is even more effective than other security measures, such as holograms or color-shifting effects.

"The development of the new Pharma-Comb Void label was also focused on handling efficiency and convenience in healthcare practice. After the label has been opened, an additional, self-lifting label part is exposed which the physician or nurse can detach to mark the syringe," explains the news source.

While the sticker was mainly designed to prevent sales losses, it should also help consumers make more informed decisions when they're purchasing medications.

Labels are crucial for pharmaceutical products, as many customers rely on these stickers for guidance on proper medication usage.