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Sweets Maker's Dedication to the Environment is no Fantasy


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Sweets Maker's Dedication to the Environment is no Fantasy

Miss Muffet & Co., a manufacturer of nursery rhyme-inspired sweets, recently adopted some bio-based materials for the production of its labels and packaging.

The containers, which are shaped like books, are made from a biodegradable paper product. Meanwhile, the plastic packaging that holds the candies was recently switched to an ASTM-certified compostable film made from woodpulp.

"It was really important for Miss Muffet & Co that our packaging had the lowest possible impact on the world around us and it had to clearly show the contents. We chose Innovia Films' transparent NatureFlex, primarily due to its environmental credentials. At the same time it keeps our sweets tasting and looking good," Sarah Cadman, founder of Miss Muffet & Co., told Package Design Magazine.

Miss Muffet & Co.'s products are all inspired by nursery rhymes, and have names such as "Jack and Jelly Beans."

Many brands are switching to eco-friendly packaging to remain on consumers' good sides. For example, Coca-Cola recently began using a new plastic made from plants.