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Sustainable Packaging Efforts Begin With Analysis of Supply Chains


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Sustainable Packaging Efforts Begin With Analysis of Supply Chains

In order for sustainable packaging to impact the environment, companies must look at their efforts from a supply chain viewpoint. According to a report by Accenture, although many companies are taking steps toward becoming eco-friendly, they should further examine and analyze their supply chains and adopt green packaging as a way to both reduce packaging and save costs, Cosmetics Design reported.

"To reduce costs in the supply chain, [Accenture] claims companies should begin by examining the entire life cycle of their products, from suppliers of raw materials to the manufacturers and then to the distributors and consumers," Andrew McDougall wrote for Cosmetics Design.

By examining packaging through this point of view, companies need to look at their supply chains to determine more beneficial strategies towards recycling and reusing packaging.

Companies such as L'Oreal are making strides towards such efforts. The cosmetics and personal care company recently partnered with TerraCycle in an effort to boost its recycling initiatives and has adopted new tools to assess its packaging designs' impact on the environment.