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Survey Says: Consumers Care About Product Brands


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Survey Says: Consumers Care About Product Brands

Consumers are becoming more cognizant of what they are buying, with many inspecting the labels of products to determine which brand manufactured them.

A recent report from Weber Shandwick investigated how consumers perceive corporate reputation in regards to making purchase decisions. Consumers in the United States, United Kingdom, China and Brazil were polled for the survey.

According to the research, 67 percent of consumers check product labels to determine who the manufacturer is and 70 percent won't buy an item if they don't like the company that produces it. Furthermore, 61 percent of respondents said they get annoyed when they can't identify the brand behind the product, highlighting the need for intuitive labels.

"They want to know where their money is going and who they are supporting when buying their goods," Forbes contributor and Weber Shandwick employee Chris Perry writes.

Product manufacturers can get further in consumers' good graces by including other social and environmental labels, such as Energy Star or Fair Trade.