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Survey: Britons Clamor For GMO Food Labels


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Survey: Britons Clamor For GMO Food Labels

Research By FSA Finds Support For Better Food Labels

There have been numerous legislative moves to require GMO food labels in the United States. But Americans aren't the only ones concerned about so-called "Frankenfoods," as a recent survey from the Food Standards Agency found a majority of U.K. consumers support GMO labeling.

Sixty-eight percent of consumers included in the survey said it was "very" or "quite" important that foods have GMO labels if any part of the food is connected with genetically engineered material. This can include the entire food, its ingredients and even meat products derived from animals placed on a diet that includes GE foods.

Not Many Look For GMO Information On Labels Despite the large support for GMO labels among U.K. customers, the same survey found that only 2 percent of respondents actively look for such information when reading labels. Price, nutritional values and brand still carried more weight in the eyes of the consumer.

But the survey responses have still led the U.K. government to consider enhancing its GMO labeling policies. Presently, meat, milk and egg products from animals given genetically modified feeds do not have to be labeled as such. The government is also considering adding labels to foods that highlight the absence of any genetically modified components.