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Support of Cigarette Warning Labels Goes Up in Smoke


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Support of Cigarette Warning Labels Goes Up in Smoke

Last year, the Food and Drug Administration tried to implement a new law that would force tobacco companies to put graphic labels on their products.

U.S. District Judge Richard Leon issued a temporary injunction on the rule last November while he contemplated the ramifications of the legislature. While he has yet to release his final verdict, prospects aren't looking good for the FDA — on Wednesday, Leon cast further doubt on the legality of such a rule, suggesting Congress had ignored legal precedents when initially advocating the law, Reuters reports.

"There's nothing on the record to suggest that Congress gave any clear and thoughtful analysis on the First Amendment implications of this," the judge said, according to the news source.

Justice Department attorney Mark Stern and many public health organizations remain staunchly in favor of the law, asserting that it's crucial to prevent young Americans from picking up the habit.

If the law were passed, tobacco manufacturers would have to put stickers on cigarette cartons depicting graphic images, such as lungs with cancer caused by smoking.