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Study Prescribes New Labels for Meds


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Study Prescribes New Labels for Meds

Prescription medication labels have recently received much press over their need for review and reform. New research underscores this point.

According to a report from Kansas State University, older consumers are more prone to making mistakes when taking medications, and overlook warning labels because they simply don't attract users' attention, Psych Central reports.

The majority of medication mistakes occur at home, where individuals are responsible for administering their own prescriptions. Additionally, 50 percent of participants older than 50 years of age didn't notice warning labels on the bottles.

"These findings have implications for the design of prescription drug warning labels to improve their effectiveness, particularly as the U.S. government recently started to investigate approaches to standardize the format and content of these labels to decrease medication error rates," said Nora Bello, an assistant professor of statistics at KSU.

Other studies have also suggested that prescription drug bottles need a new layout, such as placing the warnings on the main label.