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Striking Photo Candle Labels


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Striking Photo Candle Labels

Watermelon16oz Lilac16oz

We printed these candle labels last week for Heartland Candle Company and we thought they came out beautifully. I always like it when we get great high resolution artwork with vibrant colors that really shows off the quality of our digital label presses.

There is so much excellent stock photography that is free or very inexpensive (from places like iStockPhoto) that it is easy to include a photograph on your product labels. These web sites have great search capabilities and you can search literally millions of photos instantly on any topic.

Of course you need more than just a great photo to make an attractive label. You need a design that fits your product, that blends your text in with the image. With Heartland Candle's labels, they used a simple but striking design by making the photo the center of attention with minimal text. For the scent name they just screened back the photo so you can still see it behind the text. Their designer has done an excellent job in creating a label that will really stand out on their products.