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Stick it to Stock: The Benefits of Self-Adhesive Labels


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Stick it to Stock: The Benefits of Self-Adhesive Labels

Self-adhesive labels aren't always a necessity, but in the transport and logistics industry, they have become an integral part of operations, Labels and Labeling reports.

According to Jules Lejeune, managing director of the transport specialist Finat, approximately 50 percent of all self-adhesive label usage stems from shipping industry. In this sector, label needs are very different — they need to be functional, not flashy, and they must be able to perform their job.

Designing the optimal shipping label can be difficult because of the sheer number of variances in the job. For example, stickers could be attached to anything, ranging from wood and plastic to rubber tires.

"But that is only part of the story. The label's face stock — its printable surface — must be able to conform to the pack to which it is applied. On flat surfaces, this is no challenge — but the situation is very different when it comes to curved packaging or 'difficult' surfaces," Lejeune added.

Labels should always be designed to fill the role they are meant for, whether they are for retail products or to transport larger items.