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State Rep Includes GMO Labeling in Platform


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State Rep Includes GMO Labeling in Platform

Connecticut State Representative Richard Roy is touting the importance of genetically modified organisms labeling so residents can make better food choices.

As Connecticut Plus recently reported, GMOs are products that are genetically modified at the cellular level by the manufacturer. These alterations are generally done to improve yield or resist disease, which are both crucial to many crop growers. However, these DNA molecules are then transferred to whoever consumes the products, which many shoppers are cautious of.

"I feel the federal government has turned its back on consumers and is more interested in helping the agriculture industry hide what is actually going into our food," Roy said in a statement, as quoted by the news source. "In some cases, pesticides are inserted into seeds, genetically modifying the food we eat. You can't wash out these pesticides, they're there forever."

Several agencies have been active in advocating the adoption of GMO labeling standards. At the end of 2011, Right 2 Know sponsored a march on Washington to garner more public awareness.