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State of New Jersey Bans Motor Oil Products for False Label Claims


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State of New Jersey Bans Motor Oil Products for False Label Claims

False Claims on Product Labels Lead to Statewide Ban The New Jersey Office of Weights and Measures recently announced a statewide ban of more than one dozen motor oil products after internal tests discovered each brand did not conform to the viscosity claimed on the label. These motor oils were often billed as being low-cost alternatives to more expensive oil products, but if used, they may wind up doing more harm than good to customers' motor vehicles, the Cliffview Pilot reported.

The banned products cost between $3 and $4 per quart bottle, but retailers found selling them after the statewide ban will be fined for a $100 civil penalty per each bottle sold. This measure is designed to encourage retailers to stop selling the falsely labeled oil products, despite the fact that low-cost alternative may appeal to a wide array of prospective customers looking to purchase motor oil.

"Motor oil viscosity grades such as 10W-40 are not subjective or arbitrary. They inform customers about the specific performance qualities of the products they are buying," Steve Lee, acting director of the organization's division of consumer affairs told the news source. "Manufacturers [that] label their motor oil products with misleading viscosity grades are not just deceiving their customers but potentially compromising the working life of their vehicles."

Viscosity is a measure of a liquid's thickness and determines how smoothly they flow. Inaccurate viscosity measures may result in lower performance in automobiles that can decrease fuel efficiency and wear down engines.

Maintaining Transparency on Custom Labels While in this instance, companies may have been intentionally misrepresenting their products, even honest businesses can run into trouble with accidental false claims on labels. It is crucial that all businesses double check their labels before selling their goods on the market.

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