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Starbucks Announces More Sustainable Hot-Cup Sleeve


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Starbucks Announces More Sustainable Hot-Cup Sleeve

Starbucks recently announced a new hot-cup sleeve that reduces overall material waste while increasing post-consumer content. The sustainable packaging may help save nearly 100,000 trees.

The EarthSleeve increases post-consumer content by 25 percent and decreases raw fiber usage by 34 percent without sacrificing product quality or performance. The transportation of the sleeves is also more efficient and therefore reduces its environmental footprint further. It allows for a 15 percent case cube and truckload increase.

The sleeve has also been deemed as fully compostable by the American Society for Testing and Materials and the Cedar Grove requirements.

In 2011 there were nearly 3 billion hot-cup sleeves produced in the United States, and Starbucks represents nearly half of the market.

"At Starbucks we are constantly looking to innovate in ways that make our world a better place," said Cliff Burrows, president of the Americas for Starbucks. "This product represents how the integration of our environmental values and collaboration with like-minded organizations can create significant impact."

The EarthSleeve is being introduced to Starbucks markets in the United States and Canada and is currently being evaluated for global use.