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Star Gazing: How to Identify Energy Star Products


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Star Gazing: How to Identify Energy Star Products

Many Americans are looking to curb their environmental impact and, as a result, are buying more Energy Star products.

The Energy Star label denotes which products can be used to conserve energy, and can include refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, monitors, printers, cable boxes and DVRs. However, as WPTZ News notes, there are a few products that don't qualify for Energy Star labels, such as dryers, stoves and microwaves, because there isn't much difference between the normal and energy-saving variations.

The benefits of Energy Star appliances can be quite noticeable. Items such as televisions need to cut 40 percent of their energy use to qualify. However, simply using Energy Star goods does not guarantee cost reductions.

"One of the big problems is that when someone replaces their old, inefficient fridge they usually stick the old one in the garage to keep their beer cold," the source adds. "So instead of replacing the inefficient one, [they are] using more energy than before."

Similar initiatives have been launched around the world, helping consumers grow more conscious of how much energy they are using.