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Some Great Labels from The Bubble Roome


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Some Great Labels from The Bubble Roome

Thebubbleroome1 If you are interested in label and package design you really should read The Dieline, the leading package design blog. Every day they feature some wonderfully designed product packaging. This morning, I was reading their latest entry and I was delighted to see the products from one of our customers, The Bubble Roome, featured. David Johnston is the founder of this bath and body products company based in Brooklyn, NY. He has an advantage over many of his competitors in that he has a background in design. He has designed all the labels himself and he has done an excellent job. Here is what he has to say about his unique label designs:

I wanted to base the design concepts on turn-of-the-century apothecary labels, but knew that that wouldn't be enough ... I also wanted to add the use of pattern and color that the Victorian's used and their delicate and intricate type design. But I didn't want this to look too retro, I wanted it to be updated, to reference the 1900's without creating something too reverential or precious ... The label placed on the look of The Bubble Roome? Neo-Victorian.

We love printing labels like these. With bright colors and fine details, they really show off the quality of our HP-Indigo digital label printing presses. High quality design combined with high quality label printing gives any product the best possible advantage on the retail shelf. Thebubbleroome2