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Some Custom Wine Labels Incorrectly State Alcohol Levels


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Some Custom Wine Labels Incorrectly State Alcohol Levels

Custom Wine Labels May Not Truly Reflect Alcohol Content According to Director of Robert Mondavi Institute Center for Wine Economics Professor Julian Alston, these beverages may have up to 10 percent more alcohol than custom wine labels indicate. The alcoholic content of wine has risen about 0.5 percent over the past 20 years, Australian news source Noosa News stated. This means when companies print wine labels, they could be incorrect. Alston said that a number of elements could have contributed to the change. For instance, wines made from grapes with a higher sugar content have been in greater demand over the past few decades, which leads to more alcohol after fermentation.

Personalized Wine Bottles May Inaccurately Estimate Alcohol Levels Alston's research, which covered data from Australia, Canada and the U.S., found that personalized wine bottles of whites and full-bodied reds were more likely to demonstrate a discrepancy. Wines with higher alcoholic content are more likely to underestimate on labels, while those with less tend to overestimate, Australian Broadcasting Company reported. Part of the issue is that labeling laws for wine are fairly lenient and tolerate a difference in what is stated on the label and what the product actually contains. While the 10 percent may seem significant, it's still within legal limits.