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Sneak Peek at 2012: MORE Label Material Options for You!


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Sneak Peek at 2012: MORE Label Material Options for You!

2011 was a great year for Lighting Labels, and we hope it was for you, too! Here are the year's highlights, followed by a sneak peek of what we have in store for you in 2012. We have a lot to look forward to this year as we celebrate a decade of printing high-quality, full color custom labels ... Lightning Fast! Looking Back at 2011 ...

  • Started offering free ground shipping for all orders within the US & Canada
  • Launched the Label & Packaging News Center
  • Introduced the world to our fully compostable BioStone labels
  • Unveiled full lineup of eco-friendly label materials
  • Added new novelty label options for wine makers, including the lovely Satin Cloth
  • Upgraded website with shopping cart & user registration option
  • Reduced minimum order from 100 to 50 labels per version
  • Offered more special discounts than any previous year

And Forward to 2012

  • Our easy-to-use website will get a new look
  • We'll help you save even more money when ordering labels
  • Because you asked, we will continue to give you even MORE label material options
  • New materials will include Gold BOPP, a cost-effective coverup paper, and holographics  — rainbow, sparkles, cracked ice, & stardust!

We have many other treats in store for you, too, but it's only January 3 and I'm not about to spoil all of your surprises for you this early on. Stay tuned, though, they're coming.