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SnapTags Help Firms Track Campaigns Better Than QR Codes


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SnapTags Help Firms Track Campaigns Better Than QR Codes

With the growth of mobile expanding at a rapid rate, marketers have been required to adjust their tactics and release ever-advancing technologies. For example, one firm recently launched a new take on the now-traditional quick response code, unveiling the SnapTag at the Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit.

SnapTags, dubbed by ClickZ as "QR codes on steroids," have similar features to the 2D barcodes that they mirror. They also offer additional content, enabling brands to connect with consumers via PDF files, social media marketing and ringtones. Additionally, consumers can sync with SnapTags without downloading a code reader.

ClickZ's Liana Evans said that SnapTags allow firms to "garner some incredible insights" from their campaigns but allow them to keep "branding consistent with ... marketing channels." Additionally, the medium is easily trackable - firms can see mobile adoption rates, how many times consumers "liked" something or how many times a video was viewed via a code.

Barcodes have become an increasingly popular marketing method across the board. Both the U.K. and U.S. postal services are promoting direct mail marketing by linking 2D barcodes with mail pieces.