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Smokers Are Hazy on Effects of New Cigarette Labels


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Smokers Are Hazy on Effects of New Cigarette Labels

The Food and Drug Administration is requiring tobacco companies to put large warning labels on their products, but smokers are questioning the labels' effect.

The FDA's labels, which are required to cover 50 percent of the label packaging design on both sides and 20 percent of all advertisements, contain graphic warnings of the dangers of smoking. For example, one label shows a cadaver with the warning "Smoking can kill you," while another shows unhealthy lungs and reads "Cigarettes cause fatal lung disease."

Still, despite the graphic nature of these labels, smokers don't anticipate they'll change their habits, The State Hornet reports. Most say they already know that smoking is unhealthy and the other effects it has on them.

"I don't think [the product labels] will make me stop [smoking] because I'm pretty much already aware of it," junior civil engineering major Adolfo Luna told the news source. "I'm not a big-time smoker, but I know what it does."

The new labels were originally proposed in 2010. Nine labels were eventually selected out of a possible 36.