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Smaller Labels Create Headache for Tylenol


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Smaller Labels Create Headache for Tylenol

Tylenol has had trouble staying on shelves the past few years, with everything from inaccurate labels to foreign objects in medication forcing product recalls.

The Sacramento Bee recently reported that local drugstores, pharmacy sections and supermarkets are quickly going through reserve supplies of Tylenol products. While other brands have moved in to fill the gap, this has created an unpleasant situation for customers, who are often told by doctors to take Tylenol to relieve various symptoms.

"[Customers are] a little disappointed," Larry Jones, store manager at the Rite Aid on J Street in east Sacramento, told the news source. "They are not happy about it, but I say, 'What can you do?' Then they get mad."

Moreover, the constant recalls — which have all been voluntary — are eroding the relevance of the once-prominent Tylenol brand. Manufacturer Johnson & Johnson suffered a variety of quality control issues two years ago, which forced the company to recall products or risk being taken to court by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.