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Singled Out: Individual Price Sticker Labels May Be Gone In 2013


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Singled Out: Individual Price Sticker Labels May Be Gone In 2013

New Law May Make Price Sticker Labels Disappear

Individual pricing sticker labels have been a mainstay in neighborhood convenience stores. However, that may all soon change for residents in Massachusetts after the Associated Press reported that a new law that will take effect in 2013 will not require food stores in the state to place individual price stickers on each item for sale.

The law, which will be enforced starting January 1 will allow store operators to place price scanners in their shop that consumers can use to find the price of their desired item. The law was signed by Gov. Deval Patrick earlier this year, and Massachusetts was the last state to require individual price stickers.

Some Consumers Concerned Over Lack Of Labels
Store owners were a big lobbying force behind the bill, saying the law would save them the money of having to individually affix sticker labels to every in-store item.

However, some consumer advocates have warned against the bill, saying price scanners can be unreliable. Some with disabilities may also have harder shopping routines with the absence of individual price stickers.

"It would be more difficult for me because I am handicapped, and so if I had to run back and forth with an item to see how much it's going to cost, it would take me an awful long time to do my shopping," Mary Ann Spencer of Springfield told local NBC affiliate WWLP.