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Siemens Working on "Electronic Labels"


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Siemens Working on "Electronic Labels"

In a previous post I talked about Quantum Paper and their new process for creating electronic paper. I was doing a bit more research on this topic yesterday and I came across a great article from Wired magazine.

Siemens, the huge German electronics company, has been working on developing a paper-thin electronic display for packaging and labels. They intend to make it so cheap that eventually it could replace conventional labels on disposable packaging. They claim that by next year these displays might be appearing on pharmaceutical products.

These electronic displays will be powered by ultra thin batteries and they could provide some basic animation by cycling through multiple pictures or messages. We are a long way from having video on these displays, but even these advances I find particularly fascinating.

Personally, I think we are at least a decade or more before these electronic displays start appearing on products at your local grocery store. In the long run, I know it is going to revolutionize the label printing industry, and here at Lightning Labels we want to be at the forefront when this technology finally goes mainstream.