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Show off Your School Spirit with a Customized Window Sticker


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Show off Your School Spirit with a Customized Window Sticker

Customized Window StickerWindow Stickers in the Wild

Whether walking through a crowded parking lot or stuck in traffic, nearly everyone has seen a window sticker from a school before. Maybe the sticker was bragging about how the driver's child was an honor roll student at a specific school or perhaps it just featured the logo of a particular university. Either way, window stickers let students and parents show the world where they or their child studies.

Bumper and window stickers have been around for ages, with some of the first uses stemming back to the World War II era. Over the years, many people have realized that attaching bumper stickers to the body of their cars may actually damage the paint job, particularly if some stickers are crudely designed and don't feature the appropriate adhesive. This has led to the rise of window stickers, which can still be used to advertise the driver's beliefs and passions without damaging his or her car.

Custom Window Stickers for Parents and Students

School window stickers are incredibly common because people tend to take a great deal of pride in where they (or their children) attend school, particularly if it's a big-name university or school. Window stickers enable them to share their passion with the world, regardless of whether they're driving around town or simply parked in their own driveway.

For schools, window stickers offer another means of generating revenue. Budgets are tight for many educational institutions but stickers don't have to be a huge investment and can carry a significant profit margin. Window stickers are commonly sold at retail stores for between $5 and $10, illustrating the potential gains for schools. On the other hand, schools could even choose to give window stickers away for some additional promotion by parents and students.

Creating School Car Window Stickers

Educational institutions looking to sell school car window stickers will need to create an attractive design first. A well-crafted logo and catchy concept will go a long way in getting people to not only purchase these stickers but also promote them in the windows of their cars.

School window stickers should be designed with the target audience in mind. Is this person a parent or student? Should the sticker be humorous or serious? Is the window sticker promoting the school itself, or a particular club or athletic organization? There are numerous factors to consider in the design process.

Regardless of how they are designed and utilized, window stickers can be an extremely effective way to let students and parents show off their school pride.