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Should Labels Send Out a Red Alert for Food Dyes?


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Should Labels Send Out a Red Alert for Food Dyes?

For some time, health experts and nutritional critics have debated food dyes and whether they warrant warning labels, despite their relative prevalence.

Food dyes, which color candy, soda drinks, fruit snacks and many other products for consumption, usually cause debate, as they're derived of petroleum. Furthermore, WebMD's blog writes that some studies have found the consumption of dyes may be linked to behavioral problems in children.

As a result, the blog reports that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration convened a panel last month to decide what action to take when it came to food dyes. Should they be banned or should products containing such dyes contain warning labels?

However, the panel decided to delay a decision, noting that the research was sufficient to warrant prompt action.

There are a few strategies consumers can take to protect against any potential side effects the dyes carry. Organic foods are good alternatives, as they contain no dyes whatsoever. Additionally, WebMD suggests shoppers avoid dyes with numbers attached, such as Blue #1.