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Shot Through the Heart: Doctors Ignore Injection Warnings


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Shot Through the Heart: Doctors Ignore Injection Warnings

Despite an update to the warning label, physicians are still misusing a steroid injection produced by Bristol-Myers Squibb, Bloomberg reports.

Several months ago, Bristol-Myers changed the label on its steroid Kenalog, advising doctors not to inject it near the spine because of several medical risks — including death. However, doctors either aren't paying any heed to the warning or don't know it was changed, because many are still administering it improperly.

"Neither Bristol-Myers nor the U.S. Food and Drug Administration publicized the revision, even though the FDA is reviewing the safety of epidural steroid shots. While not required to alert doctors or patients, the FDA has broadcast changes to other drugs' prescribing information," the news source notes.

Kenalog is most frequently given to patients with neck and back pain.

Warning labels serve a purpose, so it's crucial for companies to make them noticeable. This will prevent scenarios where people use products incorrectly, as is the case with the new Kenalog labels.