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Shop is 'Choc' Full of Nuts, to FDA's Dismay


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Shop is 'Choc' Full of Nuts, to FDA's Dismay

While the business may be called "The Best Chocolate In Town," some are disputing whether its production standards live up to food labeling regulations.

The Indianapolis-based chocolate shop has long been a favorite with residents. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced that the confectioner is not abiding by "Current Good Manufacturing Practices" following a factory inspection earlier this summer, Food Safety News reports.

In a warning letter sent to the shop on August 8, the FDA claimed The Best Chocolate in Town was not instituting the proper controls and procedures to ensure chocolates were not coming into contact with allergens, such as nuts.

However, even up-to-date product labels stating the chocolates might contain nuts or were manufactured in a facility that handles nuts would not be enough to fix the problem. "Precautionary labeling, however, must not be used in lieu of adherence to good manufacturing practices," the warning letter said, according to the source.

Nut allergies are a serious matter for individuals living with them, as exposure to the food can cause anaphylaxis and, in some extreme cases, death.