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Shatterproof Glass Bottle Breaks into Packaging World


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Shatterproof Glass Bottle Breaks into Packaging World

Environmental chemist Walt Himelstein developed The Pure Glass Bottle two years ago to protect people from potential injuries resulting from broken glass bottles. Although the bottle is being distributed within the United States, Himelstein is looking to move his product to the world stage, which could be a game changer in the packaging news world.

The bottle uses a see-through, non-removable coating known as SafeShell Technology, which keeps the glass from shattering.

The glass will still break on impact and will be unusable but it will not shatter into multiple pieces. The glass is kept in place by the coating, reducing the risk of consumers getting cut. Other bottles on the market use protective sleeves, but the glass can still escape.

"There was a big push in the U.S. for manufacturing products here and it is a big thing, but we tried to make it in the U.S., but with such a small quantity of around 10,000 it was tough and I found out there were only 12-15 glass manufacturers left," Himelstein told Food Production Daily.

Himelstein added that it was not economically feasible for the companies to shut down production in order to make 10,000 bottles and try his product. He is optimistic the bottles will move into worldwide production by 2013.