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Seventy-Two Percent of Consumers Remember Ads with QR Codes


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Seventy-Two Percent of Consumers Remember Ads with QR Codes

Quick response codes may be one of the best ways for marketers to engage consumers, according to a recent study. The marketing communications firm recently revealed that 72 percent of smartphone users are likely to remember an advertisement with a QR code and 32 percent of consumers have scanned a QR code. Additionally, 70 percent plan on scanning a QR code in the future.

"While QR code usage is growing in popularity, it's still a relatively new marketing tactic with little to no statistics out there about how consumers are using them," said [Andy Malis, the president of marketing communications agency MGH.

"These results demonstrate that consumers are embracing the mobile marketing tactic, and even those who haven't used QR codes are interested in engaging with them, for a variety of motivators that marketers should pay attention to," he added.

More than half of those consumers surveyed reported they used QR codes to secure a coupon, deal or other discount. Fifty-two percent used them to access additional information, 33 percent scanned a QR code vto enter a sweepstakes and 26 percent used them to sign up to receive more information. Twenty-four percent scanned one to access a video.