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Self-Adhesive Labels Key to Ensuring Beverage Authenticity


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Self-Adhesive Labels Key to Ensuring Beverage Authenticity

Over the past few years, the beverage market has seen a distinct rise in the production of counterfeit goods.

This has been particularly noticeable in the wine industry, with counterfeiters making knockoff variants of high-priced luxury bottles and ripping off affluent wine aficionados. The solution to this problem, asserts Jules Lejeune of labeling industry group Finat, is self-adhesive labels.

"In the light of much of the media coverage of adulteration/falsification of drinks, the responsible brand owner today can choose to use one simple path to success, across all his required functionalities: a self-adhesive label," he explained to labels and labeling. "Self-adhesive labels have established an unmatched reputation for reliability, coupled with versatility, in every respect."

These labels will successfully perform two roles — first, they identify the contents to consumers; secondly, they allow the clerk to authenticate the product and ensure it hasn't been tampered with.

Because wine can go for high prices, it has been a particular focus for counterfeit operations. This has been the case as wine gains popularity in markets that have traditionally been a hotbed for piracy, such as China.