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Seeing the Forest Through the Trees: SFI Responds


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Seeing the Forest Through the Trees: SFI Responds

Earlier this month, Greenpeace asserted that some companies were taking advantage of eco-friendly status symbols on their labels to misguide consumers.

However, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, one of the programs challenged by Greenpeace, has responded to the claims. The organization says the report was based on misinformation, and that brands achieving recognition from the company are indeed practicing sustainable business methods.

SFI explained that it does not allow conversions which would have adverse effects on the environment, does have requirements to protect natural forests and habitats, and does respect indigenous communities.

"While we know that people can be swayed by misinformation, we strongly encourage individuals and organizations to seek out the facts about competing programs before forming opinions," SFI recommends.

"Forest certification can take credit for some of the recent advances in sustainable forest management. This is important that the global supply chain seeks out assurances of responsible forestry when procuring forest products," the company added.

Consumers are becoming more cognizant of their impact on the environment, so having sustainable logos on product labels can help businesses generate more sales from these shoppers.