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San Francisco Homes Go Label-Crazy


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San Francisco Homes Go Label-Crazy

Green Labels Boost Home Value In San Fran

Labels aren't just for food, drugs and beverages. They also have lesser-known uses like labeling different aspect of homes, as San Franciscans have learned recently.

The city will start adding green labels for residential homes and businesses to its official property records to certify the increased monetary value of buildings and homes that make environmentally conscious upgrades. A recent study, "The Value of Green Labels in the California Housing Market," found homes with green labels are valued, on average, 9 percent higher at the time of sale than similar properties that had not made any such environmental upgrades.

No-Smoking Labels For Properties Also Considered
KCBS, a San Francisco CBS affiliate, recently reported that the city was expected to consider a newly introduced ordinance that would label buildings as smoking or non-smoking. City supervisor Eric Mar was reportedly pushed the plan that would require landlords to label apartments so tenants and the public would be fully aware of the smoking situation.

It is currently legal to smoke inside San Francisco apartments unless clearly stipulated otherwise.