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Samuel Adams Popping Bottles Over Sales With New Labels


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Samuel Adams Popping Bottles Over Sales With New Labels

Anyone that is a fan of Samuel Adams beer may soon notice new labels and different packages for the company's six packs, twelve packs and cases. The company's the roll out of the new designs has not been determined, but it is expected to occur in the near future. The beer producer's may evening adjust the shape and size of its bottles. their current bottles with a bottle of a different shape and size.

"From a packaging perspective, I would like to think that if you walk into retail shelves, I'm going to say three weeks from now, you will see a different look and feel for the Sam Adams packaging on the brand," CFO Martin Roper said, the Boston Business Journal reported. "There is still the very recognizable iconography, but I think you will see that we have updated it and created a nice billboard."

The company is making the changes after posting a second quarter revenue of $147.5 million, up 10 percent from the same period last year. Its second quarter increases were driven by its seasonal beers sales, with the latest being the Porch Rocker, Verlore, Norse Legend and Hopology.

The company is also featuring a new advertising campaign to promote the new packaging.