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Ridiculous Warning Labels Go to Extreme Lengths to Protect Consumers


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Ridiculous Warning Labels Go to Extreme Lengths to Protect Consumers

In a culture that has seemingly gone "lawsuit-happy," according to IT World, some warning labels have become increasingly ridiculous. Manufacturers and firms often include advisories on a variety of products, warning consumers against actions that most would never even consider taking.

Case in point: A warning label on the website for the 2005 iPod shuffle advised consumers, "Do not eat iPod Shuffle," just in case someone was hungry enough to do so. Another ludicrous warning label was featured on packaging for a wristwatch: "Warning! This is not underwear! Do not attempt to put in pants," the label read, according to the source.

Warning labels have become notorious for going to extreme lengths to protect consumers, and with good reason in many cases. According to Forbes, in 2007, product liability cases paid out more than $1.9 million to consumers in personal-injury claims.

"America's legal system is based on the fact that there are some things so obvious that you don't need to warn about [them]," said Bob Dorigo Jones, senior fellow for the nonprofit Foundation for Fair Civil Justice, to the source. "It doesn't stop people from suing because the legal system has become a litigation lottery."