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Retail Product Labels Get a Makeover


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Retail Product Labels Get a Makeover

New Product Labels Carry More Information It has been decades since the universal product code (UPC) was introduced to product labels, and this has since changed the way many retailers operate. These label codes allow merchants to simply scan items to ring them up in the register and can also be used to aid other functions, such as inventory management and tracking.

Now, product labels are slated to get a makeover. The National Retail Federation recently reported that digital watermarking allows manufacturers to include additional information on product labels that is completely invisible to the human eye. These watermarks are printed throughout the product labels, which can expedite scanning speed by as much as 40 percent. This also makes it easier for customers at self-checkout stations to quickly scan their items.

Watermarks are Easily Printable As the news source noted, digital watermarks can be printed without special equipment, which means most label printers can easily reproduce them. If product manufacturers are looking to print a new batch of labels, they may want to consider leveraging watermarks to improve the scanability of their goods.