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Residents Sharply Critical Of Maine's Lack Of Needle Disposal Labels


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Residents Sharply Critical Of Maine's Lack Of Needle Disposal Labels

State Lagging Behind In Labels For Sharps

One of the only ways for people to find information for proper disposal of medical waste is through labels. However, despite the attention that is given to medical waste disposal, at least one state has been chastised for its lax needle labeling laws.

As reported by The Morning Sentinel, Maine has few requirements for disposal of sharps used in medical procedures, as well as the proper labeling for such action. Comparably, Massachusetts and New York laws require needles to be trashed in approved collection containers or centers. Maine simply recommends they be disposed of in a durable and clearly labeled container.

Proposed Legislation Would Standardize Labels
However, the issue of needle disposal labels has not gone without attention and criticism from some Maine residents. The Sentinel said Don Simonaeu, a 60-year-old diabetic who uses up to five needles a day for insulin injection, started campaigning for better labeling and disposal standards after he was told to throw his needles out in detergent bottles.

After being pressed by the likes of Simoneau and others, state legislators have drafted a bill that would require needle manufacturers to be responsible for disposal and proper labeling.