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Research Shows Consumers Pushing for Reduced, Sustainable Packaging


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Research Shows Consumers Pushing for Reduced, Sustainable Packaging

More than half of all consumers in 20 nations find their grocery products to be over-packaged, according to a recent study conducted by Research and Markets. This feeling is dependant upon the industry and product sector, but consumers are pressuring the packaging industry to develop sustainable packaging solutions.

Many consumers view product packaging as burdensome to both themselves and the environment, and French and UK consumers are the most likely to view grocery products as over-packaged, according to the report.

Having a minimal effect on the environment is one of the key features in determining how a consumer will judge a package, and sustainable packaging often influence's a consumers product evaluations.

Consumers' negative perceptions on packaging have pushed much of the sustainable packaging debate thus far, both within the U.S. and internationally. Consumers are continuing to push for reduced packaging, recyclable and compostable packaging.