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Reinforce Brand Awareness with High-Quality Custom Labels and Branded Packaging


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Reinforce Brand Awareness with High-Quality Custom Labels and Branded Packaging

Reinforce Brand Awareness with High-Quality Custom Labels and Branded Packaging.When Building Brand Awareness, Don't Overlook Labels and Packaging

A lot goes into building brand awareness. Partnering with other brands, working to develop comprehensive physical and online marketing strategies, expanding the company's social media presence, attending industry events, producing unique content (such as infographics) and hosting contests and giveaways are all viable tactics that businesses can - and do - use. However, you shouldn't put so much time and energy into these tactics that you forget about the extremely simple but effective method of printing your brand name and logo on custom labels and packing tape.

Why Use Branded Packing Tape?

Branded packing tape is a low-cost, high-impact way to differentiate the packages your company delivers from the rest that pile up on consumers' doorsteps. Think about it: The majority of businesses default to using standard, plain tape, which means enterprises that deviate from the norm are going to get noticed. Choosing to up your game by incorporating branded packing tape is not only a great way to let recipients know that their order has arrived without requiring them to get close enough to the package to read the return address, but it's also a powerful tactic for reinforcing your status as an established, professional company. This is particularly the case if the tape is robust and high-quality, with crisp lettering and vivid colors.

Have you ever received a box in the mail from Amazon? The corporation is a big user of branded tape, shipping out thousands of packages a day that are all held together by tamper-proof tape that features the Amazon logo. This move is at once functional (protecting the package from coming to harm) and promotional (allowing for instant brand recognition). If you're interested in taking a page out of Amazon's playbook but your company doesn't have quite as large a budget as the largest online retailer in the country, never fear: Lightning Labels' low minimum quantities mean you can order tape according to your color, size and length specifications without breaking the bank.

How Do Custom Labels Fit In?

If deployed correctly, custom labels can act as a powerful supplement to branded packing tape, as well as an effective tool to boost brand awareness in their own right. If you're shipping an order using multiple layers of packaging, why not seal the inside layer with a custom label? Alternatively, to boost brand recognition even further, you could place a custom label on the external packaging in conjunction with the branded packing tape.

When designing your custom labels, keep the uses outlined above in mind. You want to go for something simple but recognizable, with a color scheme or other motif that's unique. Coca-Cola, a company that surely must be among those corporations with the highest brand awareness in the world, was so confident in its cans' recognition factor that it removed all the text-based elements as part of a marketing campaign launched in the Middle East in conjunction with the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. As CNN recently reported, the company replaced its distinctive logo with the phrase "Labels are for cans, not people" - but the red cans with a silver ribbon-like focal point are so well-known that shoppers have still been able to recognize the products as Coke. You may not be able to drum up the same level of recognition for your wares on a global scale, but doing so in your local area is a goal that's much more in reach.

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