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Real Men Can Now Burn Candles


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Real Men Can Now Burn Candles

Michael Chorazak was walking down the street one cold Portland (Oregon) day when he noticed the air was filled with the sweet scent of burning wood. As he passed a housewares store he wondered why candles were never scented with smells that men like. A light went on is his head and a new business was born.

Hotwicks is the name of his candle company, and it has a unique niche in the candle industry - candles aimed at men. He currently has eight different scented candles: beer (pictured above), campfire, coffee, grass, hippie, pigskin, stripper, and urinal cake. All the candles are in plain tin cans with two beautiful matching labels: a wrap around label and a lid label.

We print a lot of candle labels here at Lightning Labels but few with the striking wraparound labels that are part of a Hotwicks candle. All eight flavors have rich and vibrant colors leveraging the quality of our state of the art digital label presses. Here are some candle labels that really help the product stand out on the shelf in a retail store.

Obviously this is a fun and unique product and Michael has used the element of fun in his labels as well. Every wrap around label features a fun little saying about the candle. For example, the grass flavored candle says "all the pleasure of a freshly mowed lawn without any of the work." His web site also takes a light hearted approach to his candles.

Michael has done a lot of things right with his launch of Hotwicks Candles (he even has a blog). I will certainly be following his innovative new company with great interest.