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QR Codes are Coming to Packaging


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QR Codes are Coming to Packaging

Is 2010 going to be the year that QR codes break out into the mainstream? It could well be. I am seeing QR codes in more and more places these days.

There have been many articles in industry publications about QR codes lately. Just yesterday, Barb Pellow from Infotrends wrote a fascinating article that suggested maybe 2010 is the year where QR codes start reaching their potential in this country. Last month Packaging News in the UK had a detailed article on their web site that provided some examples of recent uses of QR codes on packaging. They make the point that in Japan it is rare to find a product today that does not have a QR code on the product label or packaging.

In this country we are still yet to see many products utilize this technology on their packaging labels. But I believe it is coming. Within the next 12 months I think you will see several mainstream products add QR codes to their packaging.

Packaging is a logical fit for QR codes. Right now when you pick an item off the supermarket shelf, the only information you have to make a buying decision is based on what is included on the product label. Imagine if you could just whip out your camera phone, take a picture of the QR code and be instantly taken to a web site that contains more information on the product. There you could be presented with recipe ideas, preparation and serving tips, instructional photos and videos, and other product benefits. The ideas are endless.

I believe it is inevitable that we will see QR codes on product labels. There is so much benefit for the consumer and the product manufacturer. But right now there is an opportunity. Most likely, you can still be the first company in your industry niche to do this. You will have the added advantage of creating some buzz around your labels by including a QR code.

Of course, here at Lightning Labels we will be happy to print your QR codes on your product labels. We can help you create it, although it is so easy you can also do it yourself. In a few years we will wonder how we ever lived without QR codes but right now it is just getting started. You can be one of the pioneers.

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