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Put a Hat on Your Bottle?


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Put a Hat on Your Bottle?

Supergran_hatoftheweek_061204_2 In the latest issue of Fast Company magazine there is an interesting article from the authors of the book Made to Stick, a fascinating book about what makes a great new idea. Well anyway, this article mentions several unique companies with new ideas including this juice company from the UK called Innocent Drinks.

Four years ago Innocent Drinks created one of the most unique packaging concepts that I have ever seen. The campaign was called "Supergran" and what they did was enlist grandmothers across the UK to knit hats for their juice bottles. Yes, as you can see from the photo here these little woolly hats sit atop a bottle of juice. It is for their seasonal winter smoothies so the idea is the hats would keep the bottles from catching a cold.

The campaign was a huge hit, and last winter they ended up with 230,000 knit hats for their bottles. For each hat they made a 50 pence donation to a charity assisting senior citizens. What I like about this idea is that it is way outside the box. It was a completely new idea that continues to generate a lot of free publicity for the company. And talk about standing out on the shelf. If you are deciding which smoothie to buy how could you resist one with a cute little knitted hat.

Now it is not easy to come up with a completely new packaging idea, but if you want to do something completely different you need to think outside the box. Ideas are all around you - and I am not just talking about other products. A great idea can come from just adapting something that is common place, but using it in a whole new way. There are still plenty of great ideas that have yet to be discovered, so put those thinking caps on....