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Proposed Labels Warn of Link Between Aspartame and Pre-Term Delivery


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Proposed Labels Warn of Link Between Aspartame and Pre-Term Delivery

Artificial sweeteners in Europe may be subject to warning labels targeting pregnant women after a study linked the ingredient to pre-term delivery. According to the website Eat Drink Better, the research found a link between diet soda consumption and early delivery; however, more research needs to be conducted to determine whether or not the sweeteners are a direct cause.

If aspartame does receive a warning label, it will read, "Contains aspartame (a source of phenylalanine; might be unsuitable for pregnant women,)" the source reported. Although the European Parliament Environment Committee is in support of the labeling, the European Food Safety Authority and the French Agency for Food Safety are both resisting the warnings, claiming they need additional evidence in order to question the artificial sweetener's safety.

Since first introduced to the market in the 1950s, artificial sweeteners have been controversial. Saccharin, sold under brands such as Sweet 'N Low and Necta Sweet in the U.S., feature warning labels informing consumers that sweeteners caused cancer when tested on lab animals, Jayplay Magazine reported. However, the labels were removed in 2000 when the government determined the cancer-causing chemicals in the sweetener were invalid in people.