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Product Sampling Promotes Sustainable Packaging, Reduces Waste


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Product Sampling Promotes Sustainable Packaging, Reduces Waste

In an effort to promote sustainable packaging processes and save consumers money, Young America is preparing to introduce a new product sampling method.

The engagement marketing, loyalty and incentive firm has teamed up with Citi Prepaid Services to offer consumers prepaid cards and spur purchases of specific, full-sized products, Packaging Digest reports. The sampling method, which is awaiting patent approval, was developed in coordination with retailers and manufacturers.

Additionally, the initiative will aid companies by reducing costs that are typically used on packaging and then mailing trial-size versions of their products to consumers' homes.

"Our new product sampling process not only reduces shipping costs and packaging waste, but it also significantly increases the ability to build brand awareness, brand preference and market share," said Joe Custer, president of Young America, according to the source.

As only 13.3 percent of plastic packaging was recycled in 2008, according to the Clean Air Council, Young America's prepaid cards could help cut down on the amount that ends up in landfills.