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Printing Without Ink


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Printing Without Ink

Black02bhr_550x454_2 One of my favorite blogs is The Next Net by Erick Schonfeld, the editor of Business 2.0 magazine. He also produces a short video series for CNN titled the New Disruptors, that features new companies who are really disrupting their industry. The latest video I found particularly fascinating.

The company is called Zink, they are a new company spun off from Polaroid, the venerable old photography company. The engineers at Zink (short for Zero Ink) have invented this incredible new way of printing photos - without using ink. How can you possibly print without ink? That was my first question. Well the secret is in the paper. Zink use a special paper with millions of embedded crystals that when heated by the Zink "printer" melt to form one of the primary colors - Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.

The beauty of the technology is that the printers can be impossibly small - the photo here shows a device about the size of a cell phone. And another really cool thing about it is that the device will be able to wirelessly communicate with your cell phone so you can snap a picture with your phone and then print it out moments later. No word on pricing but they say the Zink printer (and paper) will be available by Christmas of this year. Check out the New Disruptors video here. Very Cool.