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Pretty in Pink: New Beer Targets Women


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Pretty in Pink: New Beer Targets Women

A brewer is hoping to reach untapped markets by appealing to women. Called Chick, the company's beers come with pink labels and a purse-inspired six-pack container.

While beer has traditionally be considered a drink for males, Chick Beer hopes to flip that perception on its head. With the slogan "witness the chickness," the company is unabashedly targeting the fairer sex with the new brew. The product is currently being sold in Idaho, Indiana and Maryland.

"Why wasn't there a beer that shouted out to me? I'm a woman who enjoys drinking beer," company founder Shazz Lewis told Packaging Digest. "I'm a wife, daughter, sister and mother of five daughters. Why wasn't there a beer that celebrates, or even acknowledges my, well, 'chickness'?"

Although some may claim Chick Beer is sexist, Lewis flips that claim on its head, saying the beer industry has long ignored the female beer-drinking audience.

Other drink manufacturers have had success with similar role reversals. For example, Coca-Cola recently launched Dr. Pepper Ten, a diet soda targeted toward men instead of women.